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The Church

His Beatitude Nerses Petros XIX

Biography of
Antoine Petros IX Hasounian
The first Armenian cardinal
He was from Constantinople and was the president archbishop of the Armenian Catholics of Constantinople. As we mentioned above , the Holy Seat saw convenient that the Armenian Catholic church , on the example of the Armenian apostolic church , had two Seats, in front of the Sis Seat the Seat of Ardzivian, and in front of Constantinople Seat the Seat of Armenian Catholic archbishop of Constantinople , giving to them independent eparchies and believers.
In 1866, when Gregory VIII died, it was the time to join the Armenian Catholic church for the Holy Seat, and the archbishop of Constantinople Antoine Hasounian succeeded to Gregory VIII 's patriarchal seat. With this, the seat of archbishop of Constantinople was cancelled, its eparchies were joined to the Armenian Catholic patriarchate and the patriarchal seat was transferred to Constantinople.
But the unanimity of the seats faced a danger when the Armenian Catholic church divided internally. This ordered to keep the works of the Armenian Catholic church only for clergymen.
This contradiction spreaded from Constantinople till Bzommar and divided into two parts the Armenian Catholic community. The patriarch Antoine IX , in peace sake , resigned in 1879 and went to Rome , where as an appreciation for his personal capacities , the services that he presented for the church and the nation ( he founded the Armenian sisters of Immaculate Conception) , being the first among the Armenians , he raised to the rank of cardinal by Pope Levon XIII.

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