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kamishli Eparchies
1. The Eparchy Organization

The Eparchy of Kamishli (or the Eparchy of Al Jezireh) has under its jurisdiction the north-east region of Syria which includes the provinces of Hasake and Der Zor.
The Eparchy of Aleppo had taken charge of taking care of the believers of Al Jezireh. In 1938, it became a Patriarchal Curacy and was given to the Bishop Guregh Zohrabian (ordained on 27.10.1940) who organized the apostleship till 1952 and to whom succeeded the monk Hovsep Jenanji. On 29.06.1954, Kamishli became an Episcopal Eparchy whose first Eparchy Prelate was the Bishop Hovsep Jenanji (Ordained on 12.12.1954). The Bishop Krikor Ayvazian succeeded him from 1972 till 1988 and the Bishop Antreas Bedoghlian was nominated Patriarchal Conductor from 1988 till 1990 then the Bishop Hovsep Arnaoutian was elected Eparchy Bishop from 1990 till 1992.
Since 1992, the Eparchy was given to His Excellency Archbishop Bedros Miriatian who is the Prelate of Aleppo and was nominated Apostolic Conductor by the Holy Father.
There are three parishes who work:
- St. Joseph church in Kamishli
- St. Family church in Hasake
- St. Gregory the Illuminator church in Der Zor.
There is a small parish in Abou-Kamal which is related to the parish of Der Zor.
The holy place offered to St. George in Heko is related to the parish of Hasake in addition to the chapel of Nazareth suburbs.
The sanctuary called "Our Lady of the Flowers" is situated in the region of Kamishli.
The number of the believers of Kamishli or Al Jezireh Eparchy is approximately 5000 people.

2. The Diocesan Clergy

The Eparchy Clergy is composed of 6 monks who work in three parishes. By accomplishing their parish function, they attend also to the Eparchy schools, benevolent confraternities and spiritual movements (2 Eparchy monks work outside the Eparchy).
- His Grace Father Antranig Ayvazian born on 25.06.1948 Ordained on 18.03.1972
- Father Haroutioun Arshinaguian born on 10.03.1952 Ordained on 22.06.1980
- Father Nareg Naamoyan born on 04.01.1972 Ordained on 16.01.1997
- Father Karnig Hovsepian born on 20.05.1976 Ordained on 14.09.2002
- Father Mekhitar Boghossian (Outside the Eparchy) born in 1957 Ordained on 29.07.1984
- Father Armenag Bedrossian (Outside the Eparchy) born in 1968 Ordained on 18.09.1999

3. The Nominations

The Eparchy of Kamishli remains the source of religious and priestly nominations. The high Novice is continuing his formation in Rome. Two high Novices continue their studies in the convent of Bzommar. The little novices are registered in the mid-diocesan seminary Our Lady of Bzommar in Aleppo or in the small St. Michael seminary of Bzommar, according to the circumstances.

4. The Clergymen and Nuns

Three of the Armenian Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Congregation are occupied in Kamishli in teaching the Christian doctrine and in the spiritual movement of Virgin Mary, in addition to the pastoral service.
Two Salesian monks have opened a center for catechism and a chapel in Kamishli under the patronage of the Eparchy for the children and the young people; they help also the monks of the Eparchy.

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