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The Eparchy of Damascus (Syria)
Damascus - Syria Eparchies
Armenian Catholic Patriarchal Exarchate Damascus

The Armenian Catholic community was established in 1763 in Damascus in the days of the Catholicos Michael – Bedros III Kasparian from 1753 till 1780. The first parish priest was Hovsep Tokatlian from 1778 till 1782.
It was organized from 1763 till 1863. In 1863, the ancient church was anointed. The period from 1863 till 1963 was a period of development.
The year 1946 was the year of patriarchal title change.
In 1959, the church and the archbishopric "Bab Touma" were bought.
In 1969, the first bishop was nominated.
In 1984, the Patriarchal exarchate title was given.
From 2000 till 2001 , the church, the archbishopric and the two halls were renewed.
The church was called "Queen Of The Universe", the leader was bishop Hovsep Arnaoutian, the parish priest was Father Parsegh Baghdasarian and the parish was consisted of 5000 people and 700 families.

The list of the parish priests and the patriarchal successors was the following :
Priest Dimotios Asdarjian from 1820 – 1822
Priest Bedros Aharonian from 1822-1828
Priest Kapriel Serabian from 1828-1831
Priest Hovsep Avkerian from 1831-1842
Priest Krikor Bedikian from 1842-1853
Priest Kapriel Serabian from 1853-1854
Priest Nerses Boyadjian from 1854-1859
Priest Hovsep Ferahian from 1859-1860
Priest Vrtanes Usoukjian from 1861-1864
The builders of the church of Damascus which was anointed under the name of "Immaculate Conception" in 1863, in the days of the Catholicos Krikor Bedros VIII Asdvadzadourian from 1843 till 1866.
Priest Hagop Djeoherdjian from 1864-1878
Priest Kevork Metrian from 1870-1871
Priest Hovsep Terzian from 1878-1881
Priest Serop Sarafian from 1881-1922 and he was from Damascus.
His Excellency Kevork Kortikian from 1922-1928
His Excellency Kapriel Kasparian from 1928-1929
His Excellency Kerovpe Kadean from 1922-1938
Priest Sarkis Haladjian from 1938-1941
Priest Kapriel Shadarevian from 1941-1946

The patriarchal successors were:
His Excellency Kerovpe Kadean from 1946-1957 and he was the first patriarchal successor.
His Excellency Yetvart Kortikian, the Patriarchal successor from 1957-1966.
His Excellency Hovsep Dbs, the patriarchal successor from 1966-1969.
His Excellency Bishop Boghos Kousan from 1969-1983 and he was the first Bishop.
His Excellency Kevork T.Z.V. Tayroyan from 1983-1997.
His Excellency Bishop Hovsep Arnaoutian from 1997-

The address was: the Armenian Catholic archbishopric- church
Bab Touma, Damascus B.P. 22281
Tel: 5413820 Fax: 5419431
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