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The Eparchy of Lebanon
Lebanon Dioceeses

Armenian Catholic Patriarchate

St. Savior Church

St. Elie Church

St. Cross Church
The Eparchy is founded on December 6 , 1742 , in the days of the Catholicos Abraham Bedros I Ardzivian who was the Eparchy first Leader.

The Eparchy Leaders from the first one till today are :
Abraham Bedros I Ardzivian (1742-1749)
Hagop Bedros II Hovsepian (1749-1753)
Michael Bedros III Kasbarian (1753-1780)
Parsegh Bedros IV Avkadian (1780-1788)
Krikor Bedros V Kupélian (1788-1812)
Krikor Bedros VI Jéranian (1812-1840)
Hagop Bedros VII Holassian (1841-1843)
Krikor Bedros VIII Der Asdvadzadourian (1843-1866)
The Eparchy remained unoccupied from 1866 till 1928
Boghos Bedros XIX Terzian (1928-1931)
Avedis Bedros XIV Arpiarian (1931-1937)
Krikor Bedros XV Aghadjanian (1937-1962)
Ignace Bedros XVI Batanian (1962-1976)
Hmayak Bedros XVII Guédiguian (1976-1982)
Ohannes Bedros XVIII Kasbarian (1982-1999)
Nersès Bedros XIX Tarmouni (1999 -

The Eparchy Leader is the Catholicos Patriarch
The General Representative of the Patriarchal Eparchy: His Excellency Mgr. Vartan Ashkarian
The Eparchy assistant Bishop: His Excellency Mgr. Hovhannes Teyrouzian
The laborious Catholicos Patriarch: His Beatitude Hovhannes Bedros XVIII Kasbarian
The laborious Bishop: His Excellency Mgr. Antreas Bedoghlian
The priests' order : 21 persons
The nuns : 33 persons
The approximate number of the believers is 12.000 people.

The Eparchy has 7 parishes :
- St. Gregory the Illuminator - St. Elie Church - Debbas Square
- Our Lady of the Annunciation church - Ashrafieh
- St. Savior Church - Bourj Hammoud
- St. Cross Church - Zalka
- Our Lady of the Assumption Church - Bzommar
- Holy Rosary Church - Anjar
- Our Lady of Fatima Church of Zahlé - Zahlé

3 chapels : Hazmieh - Raouda and Jounieh

4 convents :
Convent of the Patriarchal Clergy Institute of Bzommar - Bzommar
Mekhitarist Fathers' Convent - Raouda
Mekhitarist Fathers' Convent - Bikfaya
Mekhitarist Fathers' Convent - Hazmieh
5 Nuns' Convents
2 large seminaries: Bzommar and Bikfaya
2 small seminaries :Bzommar and Bikfaya

a.- Youth associations :
- Young people's diocesan committee : It includes 14 persons : spiritual director, general responsible and two representatives of each Armenian Catholic parish. The aim of the committee is to push the young people spiritually in the parishes as conscious Armenian Catholic young people by transmitting to them the instructions of the universal church and particularly of the Holy Father.

- The association of the Armenian Catholic university students ( 75 active members) - The association assembled all the university students who received an Armenian Catholic education in the aim of organizing enterprises , to help to protect the national and cultural and Armenian Catholic community's instructions and to transmit both missions.

- The Armenian Catholic Youth association - Anjar : 20 members . It organizes several cultural and social enterprises. Its aim is to assemble the young people around the church and to help the curate with his various works.

- Armenian Catholic Youth Association - Bourj Hammoud. The committee is composed of 10 persons. Its aim is to keep the Armenian Catholic youth in the spiritual and national atmosphere, to protect them from the new destructive currents and to prepare them to take responsible functions in the community.

b.- Juvenile associations :
- St. Mesrob Scouts. 300 people. Its aim is to execute the scoutism general principles and laws and use them in daily life. And also to serve the Armenian Catholic people of Bourj Hammoud and be a faithful friend to all by a scout spirit.

- Armenian Catholic Juvenile Association , Zalka (92 persons) - Bourj Hammoud (45 persons) - Achrafié (40 persons). Their aim is to transmit the Armenian Catholic Association's spirit to the members from their childhood in order to be sincere Armenians and Christians. Such education tends to prepare the future conscious generation of the community and particularly its leader members.

- In the Armenian Catholic Juvenile Association of Achrafié , there are :
     2 athletic unions:
       - Basket Ball team (15 persons)
       - Chess team (12 persons)

c.- Ladies' associations : - Benevolent Ladies' Associations of the following parishes :
Bourj Hammoud (13 persons)
Ashrafié (7 persons)
Zalka (9 persons)
Anjar (7 persons)
Their aim is to control the cleanness of the parish church and the ecclesiastic services and objects , also to organize social meetings and enterprises.

- Ladies' committee of Mesrobian college
- Ladies' committee of Hripsimiantz college
- Ladies' committee of Mekhitarian college
- Ladies' committee of St. Aknes college
The aim of the Ladies' committees of the colleges is to work with the administrative body of the college for the college accomplishes the best its national role in the Lebanese Armenian environment.

The Eparchy has 7 schools :
Mesrobian (828 - secondary) - Hripsimiantz (610 - secondary) - Kévork Harboyan (320 - secondary) St. Agnès (350 - complementary) - Mekhitarian (231 - complementary) - Anjar College (110 - complementary) Mesrobian Technical College (660 - 17 branches)

There are also :
Mesrobian College Alumni Association
Hripsimiantz College Alumni Association
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