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Saturday, 3 March 2007 - Holy Mass for the Youth - St. Savior Church

On Saturday, the 3rd of March, 2007, Holy Mass for the youth was held in St. Savior Church in Bourj Hammoud.

Prayers of the Holy Mass in Modern Armenian were accepted by the Armenian Catholic Synod in 2006. This aimed in giving the possibility of making an experiment with the Armenian youth that should participate in the best way in this very important ceremony.

The Holy Mass was attended by the monks of Bzommar convent, the Armenian Catholic youth associations with their different branches, the St. Savior youth choir and other believers.

At the start, Father Vartan Kazandjian explained that the aim of the Mass was to come forth with God's invitation, to become close to Him and to form a spiritual bond with Christ. He also invited the youth to confession so that they would approach to the altar with a pure heart. During the Mass Holy Communion was offered as well.

The sermon of the day was given by Father Gabriel Mouradian, parish priest of St. Savior Church, who encouraged the youth to be ideal Christians by staying away from materialism, mediocrity and any kind of vice and addiction, holding on to the  commandments of Jesus, because it is only then that they would be deserving of  the kingdom in heaven. He told the youth that Jesus is their friend and should be their idol and example in reaching to perfection because holiness is well known to the Armenian people through their martyrs that kept them Christian and Armenian through their sacrifice and blood.

At the end of the Mass, Father Gabriel thanked God for He unites all humanity and grants love to all, asking Him to give people the strength and ability to proceed with their work.

Chief priest Father Antranig Granian, Father Kevork Asadourian, Father Kevork Noradoungian, Fahter Ghevont Kendirjian and Father Nareg Louisian participated in this Holy ceremony.

This Mass was a spiritual experience in becoming intimate with God and participating through praying and chanting.

In the end, all were invited to a gathering to meet each other and to get to know each other more closely.







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