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Thursday, 11 March 2010 - The Armenian Catholic Church Permanent Synod and Synod of Bishops


Rome, Italy


The Permanent Synod took place on Monday the 22nd of February, in order to study the problems related to the Patriarchy which consists of 4 bishops and is presided by the Most Reverend Spiritual Father.


The Most Rev. Spiritual Father presided at the Synod of Bishops that lasted from Tuesday the 23rd till Saturday the 27th of February and in which participated 12 Synod Fathers who represent all the dioceses of the Armenian Catholic Church, in addition to the Patriarchal Exarch of Jerusalem and Amman, the Abbot of the Mekhitarist Fathers’ Monastic Order, the Superior of the convent of Bzommar and the general Mother Superior of the Congregation of Armenian Catholic Sisters of Immaculate Conception. These meetings were held in public and in private sessions.


The opening of the Synod took place by celebrating a Holy Mass in which participated the Fathers of the Synod presided by the Most Rev. Spiritual Father.


During the public sessions, the attendees studied the subjects suggested in the Special assembly organized for the Catholic Churches of the Middle East and filled in the enclosed questionnaire, by taking into consideration the situation and the needs of the Armenian Catholic Church. This special assembly, organized for the Eastern Catholic Churches, will take place in Vatican from 10 to 24 October 2010 and will be presided by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.


And during the private sessions, the Synod Fathers considered the situation of the dioceses concerning the Eastern Europe prelacy and the situation of Greece and Persia. They also thought about designating a monk for the Eparchy St. Gregory of Nareg.


Let’s mention that the next Synod of Bishops will take place in October 2010 also in Rome, Italy.


Before the Synod, the Most Rev. Spiritual Father visited the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, where he met the General Secretary His Excellency, Most Rev. Nikola Eterović who accepted the request of the Spiritual Father and sent Father Brocard as a councilor of the Synod Fathers.


The Spiritual Father presided also over the administrative committees of the Armenian Levonian Pontifical College and St. Blasius Church on the 27th of February and the 1st of March.       


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