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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 - Seminar on Education Metodology





On Sunday, 25th of October, 2009, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and the Armenian Catholic K. Harboyan High School organized a one day seminar on education methodology, in Faradjian Auditorium. Principals, academic officials and teachers of Armenological Subjects from both schools were participating to the event.

Mr. Raffi Demirdjian, the Armenian Language Coordinator of both schools, opened the seminar by welcoming the participants. Then, he invited the principal of Mesrobian High School, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust to share his thoughts with the audience. Mr. Gregoire Kaloust emphasized on the importance of this seminar and on the importance of the Armenological subjects to build the national identity of Armenian students.

In her turn, the principal of K. Harboyan High School, Mrs. Rita Boyadjian, observed that the occurrence of this seminar is the result and the expression concerns targeting the amelioration of the education of Armenological subjects in Armenian schools. The Armenian Language and Armenian History sessions must be fully beneficial and highly enjoyable for the Armenian students, she stressed.

Mr. Vartan Tashjian, the head of the Armenological Development in the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, presented "My Armenian History" website project.

Five different subjects were delivered during this one day seminar: "The importance of the Armenian Language", by Mr. Boghos Snabian; "The importance of the Armenian History" by Mr. Armen Urneshlian; "Armenian Language Teaching Methodologies" by Mrs. Arpi Hamparian; "Armenian History Teaching Methodologies" by Mrs. Kohar Kandaharian; and "Coordinator-Teacher-Student Relationships" by Mrs. Shaghig Khudavertian.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Raffi Demirdjian, after presenting the academic strategy for the scholastic year 2009-2010, confirmed that this seminar will not be the only event regarding this topic. He encouraged the teachers to focus on their calling and collaborate with each other.

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