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Tuesday, 26 May 2009 - Graduation Night at Mesrobian


On Saturday, the 23rd of May 2009, at 8:00PM, Mesrobian High School celebrated its 2008-2009 Graduation Night. Mesrobian courtyard was crowded by the teachers, the parents and the friends of the 44 students who are graduating.

The opening speech was given by the principal of the school, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust. He quoted one of the graduating students, saying: "Go and scatter yourselves among the nations. Be the ambassadors of St. Mesrob and the representatives of Mesrobian High School. It is time to enter through the large gate of life. Though this world accepts nobody, do not be afraid: you are nourished by the alphabet of St. Mesrob and fought by the Holy Cross." Continuing his speech, Mr.
Gregoire Kaloust mentioned the latest academic and constructional developments of the school. He confirmed that true success only comes
through the collective hard work. Directing his words to the graduates, he encouraged them to be successful in their higher education and bring honor to Mesrobian.

Following the speech of the principal, the graduating students presented a well prepared artistic program. They all had small beautiful bells attached to their gowns. Student Nazareth Tovmassian recited "Dzidzagh" (Laughter) poem, which he dedicated to his Armenian language teacher Mrs. Nanor Bedrossian. From the graduating students Etiene Seokunian, Tina Garabedian and Patil Baghdiguian came forward to share their thoughts in Arabic, French and English, respectively. After the speeches, a movie entitled "Promo 2009" was shown.

Successively, the graduates sang "the Last Bell" of the Armenian singer Tata, which stirred the audience.
After which, they ceremonially transmitted the "Mesrobian Shield" to the 11th Grade students.

The distribution of the diplomas was preceded by the fatherly speech of Msgr. Vartan Ashkarian. Finally, and under burst of applauses, the students, one by one came forward to receive their diplomas, for which they strived for years.

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