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Tuesday, 25 November 2008 - Independance Day Celebration at Mesrobian


In the morning of Friday, the 21st of November 2008, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School welcomed the President of Metn District's Municipal Union Mrs. Mirna el-Murr's
assistant Dr. Nicolas Samaha who was accompanied by a representative in the Secret Service Colonel Pierre Saab, and the Mayor of Bourj Hammoud Mr. Antranik Messerlyan. The honorable guests were welcomed by the principal of the school Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, along with students in Armenian national uniforms with the traditional "Bread and Salt".

The guests had a brief conversation in the principal's office, where His Excellency Bishop Vartan Ashkarian, the parish priest of St. Savior Church Father Sarkis Tavitian, as well as other personalities were present. Following that, they all went to "Hovhannes Boghossian" theatre, where the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Independence of Lebanon took place with the participation of all the students. The Parental Committee, the teachers and administration of the college were also present.
After listening to the national anthem of Lebanon, the student Melkon Eleyjian delivered a speech on behalf of the students, after which students of different grades performed, by reciting poetry, playing guitar, dancing and singing.

At the end of the artistic program, Gregoire Kaloust delivered his speech to the audience. He honored the devotion of the el-Murr family to the Lebanese people. He also emphasized the
fact that Mirna el-Murr "does not save efforts to make the Metn District prosperous on social and cultural levels". The principal also thanked the mayor of Bourj Hammoud Mr. Antranik Messerlyan, who "always supports Mesrobian College on every aspect".
Gregoire Kaloust was supposed to give a souvenir to Mrs. Mirna el-Murr, but the latter, being absent for health reasons. During this celebration. Dr. Nicolas Samaha informed that as soon as Mrs. Mirna el-Murr recovers, the principal can personally hand the souvenir to her.

After the celebration, the honorable guests had a tour within the campus. In the Golden Book of the college, Dr. Nicolas Samaha left his remarks, saying: "[...] If you wish to have a harvest for a year, sow wheat; if you wish to have a harvest for several years, sow olive; but if you wish to have a harvest for eternity, sow strong generation. I congratulate you. I'm sure the seeds you sowed are eternity's strong generation. I congratulate you for your efforts and God be with you ".

The honorable guests left the college at 12:30PM taking with them nice impressions about the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High school, and Armenians in general.

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