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Saturday, 26 July 2008 - Benefit Concert in Montreal

Montreal, Canada

Recently, the administration of Mesrobian High School has received a DVD and a symbolic donation from Mrs. Seta Antounian, the Canadian Armenian citizen living in Montreal.                  

The DVD and the donation represented a Benefit Concert organized in Montreal, aiming to help two Lebanese-Armenian educational institutions: Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and Armenian Evangelical School of Trad.                     

The event was organized by the Canadian Armenian high school student, Ms. Lory Antounian who was able to gather artists, among them Armenians, to perform classical and non-classical pieces, which turned the Benefit Concert into a success. The success of the event was also achieved with the help of Most Reverend Father Kevork Zabarian, who had set the Apikian

Hall of Our Lady of Nareg Parish Church for this same purpose.                    

During the event, the father of Ms. Lory, Mr. Hampartsoum Antounian, presented both the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School and Armenian Evangelical School of Trad to the audience, along with some pictures.                      

Ms. Lory's initiative is greatly appreciated, as well as allthose who helped in this Benefit Concert including the Armenian Community in Montreal, that provided to this concert its attention and support.

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