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Sunday, 27 July 2008 - Deacon Ordination in St. Gregory-St. Elie Church

Beirut, Lebanon

On Sunday the 20th of July 2008, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in St. Gergory – St. Elie church during which during which brother Raffi Hovhannessian from the Eparchy of Beirut and candidate of priesthood, received the order of deacon by the hand of His Excellency Hovhannes Msgr. Teyrouzian, the Eparchy Assistant Bishop.


The parish priest of St.Gregory- St. Elie Father Yeghia Yeghyaian, Father Mesrob Topalian and Father Yeghia Tertsagian accompanied His Excellency.

Raffi Hovhannesian is a former seminarian of the St. Michael seminary of Convent of Bzommar. He has received his higher education in philosophy and theology in Rome and Lebanon. He was ordinated sub-deacon on the 27th of May 2007.

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