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Saturday, 3 May 2008 - Armenians in Damascus Commemorated the 93rd Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

Damascus, Syria


Armenians in Damascus once more paid their respect and pledged to remain loyal to the legacy of the victims of the Armenian Genocide during an event organized by different Armenian associations on the night of April 23.

Inside the Armenian Catholic Church yard, H.G.M., H.M.E.M. and S.E.M. and the united committee of Hamazkayine had organized a vigil night.

Starting from 9:00 pm, hundreds of Armenians gathered in the church yard, in front of the Genocide memorial, where they watched a documentary about the Armenian Genocide. Father Parsegh Baghdasarian and the ambassador of Armenian in Syria Arshag Poladian and many representatives of different committees and associations were also present.

The event officially started with the marching band of H.G.M. when wreaths and flowers were placed in front of the monument.

The opening speech gave Varant Melkonian, in which he thanked the Arab Nations in particular the Syrians that in a brotherly approach gave shelter to all those Armenians who were saved from the massacres. He also drew a parallel between the Armenian Genocide and the sufferings of the people of Palestine.

An artistic program was prepared for the audience that included poetry and musical performances. This solemn event ended in prayer.

On the morning of April 24, the Divine Liturgy was celebrated in St. Srakis church, after which the procession lead by the three spiritual leaders of the Armenian community in Syria and the marching band of H.M.M. headed towards the National cemetery, where a memorial service was held for the souls of the victims and flowers were placed in front of the Genocide memorial. After the memorial service, the Reverend Datev Basmajian gave his message for this day.

On the same day in the afternoon, Father Parsegh Baghdasarian celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Armenian Catholic Church, presided by His Excellency Msgr. Hovsep Arnaoutian, in the presence of the primate of the Armenian Diocese of Damascus His Grace Bishop Armash Nalbandian. The ambassador of the Armenian in Syria, the sisters of Immaculate Conceptions and hundreds of believers were also present. The “Knar” choir performed the hymns during the mass. At the end of the Mass, the procession of believers followed the H.G.M. marching band and gathered around the Genocide memorial where a memorial service was held for the souls of the victims.After the memorial sevice, everybody headed towards the “Aminian” hall. After the National anthem of Syria, His Excellency Msgr, Arnaoutian gave the opening speech, followed by an artistic program. The speaker of the day was Armen Eurneshlian who was had arrived from Lebanon especially for this occasion. The “Knar” choir lead by Shant Keshishian performed three songs. His Grace Armash Nalbandian closed the ceremony and with the Armenian National anthem ended the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide for this year.











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