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Friday, 4 April 2008 - Students of Mesrobian Visit Jordan

Beirut, Lebanon 

As we had informed previously that the final year students of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School were going to go to Jordan during the Easter vacation. This trip was a gift coming from Italy. The initiative of the president of « DMS Onlus » organization of Brescia, Dr. Angelo Bosio and his wife Dr. Barbara Bosio had encouraged greatly the students. On Tuesday, the 25th of March 2008 all 31 students, lead by the school principal, Gregoire Kaloust, departed from Chaghzoyan center and went to Jordan taking the road to Damascus.

During the five days visit, the group visited Jerash and Karak, Amman, Petra, Jabal Ram, Dead Sea, Aqaba. They also visited the Armenian Catholic Parish in Amman. Moreover, they went to the place where Jesus was baptized. The group was accompanied by George Inkababian, the director of the «Stronger Team» company in Jordan.

This trip will always remain and lifetime souvenir, as well as a worthy reward for the long and difficult academic years to come.


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