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Wednesday, 12 March 2008 - Annual Benevolent Gala Dinner at Mesrobian


Beirut, Lebanon

In order to help the school students financially, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School every year comes up with a different plan.

This year, the Mesrobian High School has set up a new plan under the title « Mesrobian Benefactor » which was launched on Saturday, the 8th of March, 2008, at « La Marina » Dbayeh, during the annual benevolent gala dinner which was organized by the school. The gala dinner was presided by the Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics His Beatitude Nerses Bedros XIX.
Diana Hayrabedian and Aram Karadaghlian greeted everybody congratulated all those with the name Krikor, on the occasion of the feast day of St. Gregory the Illuminator. Then, they invited the school principal Gregoire Kaloust to give his speech. The principal greeted everybody and welcomed one of the school’s permanent and well-known friends « Robert Boghossian and Sons »; the representative of the fund Mr. Patrick Farajian; the president of Italy’s « DMS Onlus » benevolent organization, professor Angelo Bosio and his wife Dr. Barbara, as well as one of the Lebanese Armenian community’s faithful friends, the Lebanese famous artist Ghassan Rahbani. Mr. Kaloust emphasized that the gathering « is not an ordinary dinner party but it has a precise aim which is to help our school students who are in need and to pay their school fees ». The principal continued saying that the «Mesrobian Benefactor» aims at ensuring the sum of 150.000 U.S. dollars to help once more the students who are in need. Each one of the 15 symbolic candles, which were placed in the hall, was going to be lit during each donation of 10.000 U.S. dollars.  
The Mesrobian kindergarten and primary school library, which is going to be inaugurated very soon, was renewed thanks to the §Boghossian and Sons » and « Lincy » fund generous donations. As the school principal announced during dinner, with the approval and the blessing of His Beatitude, the library will be named after one of the school’s well-known benefactors Mr. Varoujan Nerguizian’s deceased father Apraham Nerguizian’s name for being grateful to Varoujan Nerguizian for helping the school during the last years.
One of the school’s friends who came from Italy to the gala dinner and who became a permanent friend during the last years, is the president of  Italy’s « DMS Onlus » benevolent organization, professor Angelo Bosio. He spoke about accomplishing the most important mission which is the little children’s education and gave the school the great surprise, announcing that his organization is ready to participate in the construction works of the new and modernistic huge building of Mesrobian nursery and kindergarten. 
 During this historic gala dinner for the school, the 15 symbolic candles were lit as a proof of the collected sum of 157, 150 U.S. dollars from the donations which were made.


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