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Thursday, 7 February 2008 - Maxim Chaya Visited Mesrobian High School


Beirut, Lebanon

On Wednesday the 6th of February 2008, the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School welcomed Mr. Maxim Chaya, the first Lebanese who reached the top of  Everest Mountain.
The honorable guest was first welcomed by Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of Mesrobian High School. Mr. Kaloust explained to Mr. Chaya in details about the present and the past history of Mesrobian and also introduced him to the school's website. Then, Mr. Chaya made a tour around the school and then headed towards the Hovhanness Boghossian Hall, where he was greeted by vigorous applause from the student body.
Mr. Marwan Egho, from the Athletic Committee of Mesrobian High School made a greeting speech and after introduced the respectable guest; he invited him to the stage.
Maxim Chaya told about the great victory he had achieved while climbing the seven highest mountain peaks. He explained the track he had followed to reach each top and the difficulties tat faced him. He also answered various questions that the student were anxious to know about. Then, he continued his speech about his adventures on the road to the Everest Mountain. While giving explanations, a DVD was being show on the screen to the students with the hero's own interpretation.
At the end f this gathering, Gregoire Kaloust highly appreciated Mr. Chaya's great courage and distinction in raising the name of Lebanon throughout the world .He also presented a souvenir to Mr. Chaya by the name of Mesrobian School, and on it was inscribed "A SOUVENIR OF APPRECIATION TO MR. MAXIM CHAYA WHO EXALTED LEBANON'S NAME AS HIGH AS A MOUNTAIN OF EVEREST".
On his turn, Maxim Chaya distributed to the students post-cards of his adventures while climbing the seven peaks of the Everest Mountain which were all signed by him personally.

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