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Friday, 7 July 2006 - In the Sdepanagerd Barrack
Beloved Sons of Artsakh,

At this moment, We praise the Lord for granting Us the opportunity to greet and bless you and within you the heroic warriors of Artsakh, to whose epic battle and exceptional militancy we owe the liberation of this Armenian soil which is indeed sanctified by the blood of the old and new martyrs.

Artsakh and Artsakhians became the witness to the fact that no tyranny and oppression can strangle the independence and the liberty of Armenians, the aspiration of a peaceful and prosperous life, the deprivation of national rights and the continuity of its claims. During the past seven years that We had the opportunity to be in the residence, founded three centuries ago in the Land of Cedars, Our hearts throbbed at the beat of the Artsakian struggle and assertion.

Today, you are not on your own in that agonizing struggle and the claims of your undeniable rights of sovereignty and independence. You have the support of the entire Armenians and Our presence at this moment is an evidence of that reality. That support has amplified your strength and ability to fight.

You have the invulnerable protection of the Almighty upon your head and in your souls, along the mediation of all the saints of the Armenian Church starting from Our Father of Faith St.Gregory the Illuminator to the Blessed Iknadios Maloyan and the miraculous Our Lady of Bzommar that looks upon you from a high summit in Lebanon.

After achieving freedom and independence, it is necessary to protect, to preserve and to reinforce them, something that requires wisdom, firmness and perseverant struggle of various natures. You are the pivot of that struggle dear ones, the protector of the country’s and the people’s safety and peace, because the assurance of that safety and peace is the prerequisite of progress among all the other fields such as political, diplomatical, economical and social. However, your weapons are not the only means of fortifying your capability to fight, but your belief and tenacity of Justice and Right and all those spiritual and national ideals that have accompanied Us throughout Our history. They have been the pledge of Our existence and its continuance, otherwise how is it possible to explain the martyrdom of Vartan in the Battle of Avarayr. Through their martyrdom, they gave life and perpetuity to their people, because they fell so that our national values would live and be transmitted from one generation to the next as a pledge to immortality. their spirits and example gave birth to Sardarabad. They became the source of inspiration for the struggle of Artsakh’s emancipation.

May God protect you on the positions where you stand to protect your nation and homeland.

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