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Tuesday, 4 December 2007 - Greeting Cards Contest - Exhibition by Mesrobain and Harboyan Students



On Sunday, the 2nd of December 2007 at 5:30 p.m. the "Benevolent Greeting Cards Harboyan and Mesrobian High Schools" exhibition was held with the patronization of the DMS Onlus Benevolent organization and the participation of the students of the above mentioned schools.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was made by the president of the DMS Onlus Organization, Professors Angelo and Barbara Bosio, who had specially arrived in Beirut Mrs. Rita Boyadjian, the principal of the Harboyan School, and Mr. Gregoire Kaloust the principal of Mesrobian High School along with the parents, teachers, administrative staff and friends of the two schools were present..

After the opening ceremony, an artistic program was presented by the Dance Group of Harboyan School and the Choir of Mesrobian School. This was followed by the speech of Mrs. Rita Boyadjian. In her speech, she expressed her joy for the presence of the honorable couple, Professors Angelo and Barbara Bosio and said they had come not only to encourage the students help them morally, but also to aid them financially, especially when the majority of the students are in great need of it. Continuing her speech, Mrs. Boyadjian expressed her deep gratitude to Professor Angelo Bosio and his noble spouse Barbara, not only for their encouragement, but also for their enormous courage to come to "Lebanon, to this unsafe, unstable and dangerous country" without hesitating and performing the opening of this exhibition. In her speech, Mrs. Boyadjian specially emphasized with great importance the fact that it was the first time that two schools who belonged to the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, the Mesrobian High School and the Harboyan School have organized an enterprise together, for which she expressed her gratitude to Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of Mesrobian High School.

After Mrs. Boyadjian's speech, Professor Angelo Bosio spoke, he specially emphasized the fact that the DMS Onlus Organization had gladly chosen the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate's Harboyan and Mesrobian Schools, so that they would offer them the necessary assistance and also to sponsor the exhibition for the third consecutive year. After Bosio’s speech the prize were distributed.

From the Harboyan School, students of different age categories received prizes. From the Kindergarten, Margarita Maldossian, Orelio Kassabian, Haig Batouzian, Raffi Hovagimian, Celine Keshishian, Levon Kasparian, Stephanie Papazian and Gacia Nazarian received prizes ranging from 500 dollars to 100 dollars. Manoug Jenanian, Vera Bozoyan, Rita-Maria Kazandjian, Sahag Bozoyan, Perla Kantarjian, Elianore Wanness, Christina Aprahamian and Sarine Berberian from the intermediate section received prizes ranging from 750 to 100 American dollars.
From Mesrobian High School, 32 students were given prizes. Aved Kalayji, Serouj Telvizian, Celine Ghazarian, Hrayr Apkar, Isabelle Marashlian, Garine Nersesian, Kevin Ghazar and Lucy Festekjian received from the Kindergarten II class received gifts from 100 to 750 American dollars. Lilyt Megerian, Rita Tekeyan, Hagop Tashdjian, Frederic Vartivar, Hovig Koyounian, Johnny Tohme, Serouj Yeterian, Betty Soulian, Peter Boyajian, Meghrie Tcherchian, Aznive Poladian, Yeghia Safarian and Katia Komehian from the Elementary Section received prizes varying from 750 to 100 American dollars.

From Mesrobian's secondary section, Anahid Tchobanian, Krikor Basmajian, Vera Pusgulian, Sandy Tenkerian, Patil Marsim, St. Rita Papazian, Rita Boghossian, Lara Arab, Hrant Ghazelian and Taline Patchanian received prizes ranging from 1000 to 100 American dollars.

In this contest, students of the BP class of Mesrobian Technical School also participated and Mary Wanness got a notable prize.

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