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Monday, 22 October 2007 - 120 Alumni at Mesrobian



On Wednesday, the 17th of October 2007, more than one hundred and twenty Mesrobian alumni (of the years 2001-2007) were gathered in the "Jean Farajian" auditorium inside the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School. Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, the principal of the school welcomed the former graduates, informed them about the various plans that were accomplished in the school, like the cafeteria, the auditorium, the scientific-workshop laboratory, the modern computer furnished hall, the high-school playground, the Elementary and Kindergarten II classes’ new playground, the new lecture-Hall (CDI) and also the newly opened St. Mesrobs' Monument. 
He also talked about Mesrobian's website and that the website will soon have its video tapes' section that everybody can watch. He also explained about the new computerized central telephone system of the school and the uniforms of the employees.

Talking about future plans, the principal said that the construction and modernized furnishing of the elementary school library (BCD) would soon be completed.
And everyone showed interest in this novelty that the school would soon open its children's hairdresser's big hall, available to all and that was going to be a profitable institution.

And to meet the need for the great increase in the number of students, the plan for the construction of a new building with several floors for the Kindergarten and the nursery was set up.

In his speech, the principal also emphasized the increase in the number of students (827 students), with dual Brevet classes and two 10th grades. He also told that every year the school sends students with high educational achievement to Armenia and  Austria. Mr. Gregoire Kaloust also informed that they had a special employee for the laboratory.

Towards the end of this meeting, the e-mails of the graduates were registered and also everyone filled a special questionnaire-form. They were informed that the previous Mesrobian Alumni Union was going to form its new committee and all those who were interested in taking part in the committee had to inform the Alumni.

After the meeting, all the former-graduates or alumni members made a tour of the school to witness the changes more closely. And finally as a memorable souvenir, the alumni were photographed infront of the St. Mesrob's statue.

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