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Friday, 9 June 2006 - Iran’s New Ambassador visited the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate

On Friday, the 9th of June 2006, Iran’s New Ambassador Mohammad-Reza Sheybani visited the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate where he was welcomed by His Beatitude Nerses Bedros XIX Catholicos Patriarch. During the one hour meeting, Deputy Serge Toursarkissian and the members of Eparchie’s commission were also present.

His Excellency the Ambassador, expressed his appreciation of the Armenians, in particular the Armenian community in Iran, reassuring that they are the object of attention of the Iranian authorities. The conversation included the Lebanese and the regional political current issues. His Excellency, revealed the fact that Iran is open to all communities and unreservedly encourages the ongoing National dialogue in Lebanon, considering it the safest and most effective way in finding solutions to all problems.

Furthermore, the Ambassador talked about the pressures that Iran is undergoing because of its Nuclear Program, despite the fact that this would only serve for peaceful purposes and for the welfare of the people. He also underlined the importance of sovereignty and independence for every nation.

His Beatitude congratulated the Ambassador, wishing him success and expressed His gratitude for the caring attention of the Iranian government towards the Armenians, reassuring that their attitude has always been an outcome of the utmost benefits of the countries they live in.

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