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Saturday, 28 April 2007 - Armenians in Rome Commemorated the Armenian Genocide

Rome, Italy

On Tuesday, the 24th of April, 2007, Armenians in Rome commemorated the Armenian Genocide. Starting at 11:30 am, the High Priest of the Armenian Levonian School in Rome Father Mikael Mouradian, along with the representatives of the roman Armenian community paid their respect in front of the Katchkar monument placed in Vatican. A memorial service was held during which
the representative of the General Secretary of the state Vatican Don Ginami Luigi was present.

The second phase of the commemoration took place at 6:00 pm. Solemn Mass for the souls of the martyrs was held by the High Priest of Levonian Pontifical School and the representative of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate at the Holy See, Father Mikael Mouradian.

After the Holy Mass, a procession of believers headed to the St. Nicholas Square in Rome. The youth carrying the Armenian and Italian flags placed flowers in front of the memorial stone placed a year before in memory of the Armenian Genocide.

It should be mentioned that this year the Armenian Catholic community in Rome prepared wall hangings emphasizing the Armenian Cause which is put to silence. On the wall hanging a portrait of a man is shown whose eyes and mouth are closed symbolizing one who is ripped from the right of self-expression  carrying the following words;” a tragedy without words” . The newspapers in Rome reflected upon this and therefore this attempt succeeded in catching the attention of the pubic opinion.

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