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Tuesday, 24 April 2007 - Memorila Service for the Souls of the Martyrs

Beirut, Lebanon
Under the patronage of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate and with the participation of the Armenian Catholic parishes, associations and school, on Tuesday the 24th of April  , 2007 at 5:00 pm Solemn Mass was held for the souls that fell to the 1915 Armenian Genocide in the St. Gregory the Illuminator academy yard.

The ceremony was attended by ex-minister Jack Choukadarian, MPs Hagop Pakradouni and Edgar Maalouf, Armenia’s ambassador in Lebanon Mr. Vahan Der Ghevontian, representatives of parties and associations, clergymen , scout and students and a multitude of people.

His Beatitude Nerses Bedros XIX Catholicos Patriarch of Cilicia for the Armenian Catholics offered Holy Mass after which Father Ghevont Kendirjian passed on the message of the 92nd anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. 

Father Kendirjian told that the whole world became a witness to the Armenian Genocide but unfortunately petroleum weighed heavier than human blood.

He emphasized on the importance of unity among all Armenians which has always been the reason of our continuity, stating the fact that Turkish crime continues till today as long as Armenian lands remain occupied.

Father Ghevont called the youth to stay bound to their fatherland and their faith because the Armenian Cause is a permanent cause.

After the Holy Mass, a procession of people along with the marching band of H.M.E.M headed to the courtyard of the Armenian Catholic Patriarchate, where memorial service was held in front of the monumental sculpture.

After the memorial service, Yervant Ejidian talked about the relics from Der-Zor brought by the students of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian high school, which were added to the relics in the Armenian catholic Patriarchate.

At the end of the commemoration ceremony, flowers were placed in front of the memorial statue.










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