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Tuesday, 3 April 2007 - Opening Ceremony of the Mesrobian High School Auditorium and Playground

On Thursday, the 3rd of April, 2007, at 7:30 pm, the opening ceremony of “Jean Farajian” student auditorium of the Armenian Catholic Mesrobian High School took place.

The ceremony was attended by the President of Directors Committee of the Armenian Catholic Schools, His Excellency Msgr. Vartan Ashkarian, the President of the United Armenian Fund, Sir. Harout Sasounian, representative of “R.Boghosian and Sons” fund, Mr.Albert Boghosian, representatives of different local and international benevolent organizations, representatives of different associations, religious personalities, the family  members of Jean Farajian, members from the board of teachers and friends.

After the ceremonial unveiling of the cornerstone of the auditorium, the Principal of Mesrobian High School, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust gave the opening speech. 

Mr. Kaloust highly appreciated the role of all those benefactors who, along the years have brought their active participation in the realization of the many developmental projects. He explained that the opening of such an auditorium will allow not only the students but all the members of the school to participate in beneficial lectures, and will also serve as a place for intimate gatherings. Therefore, it will have its role in the vivacity of the school’s internal life. 

After that, Mr. Kaloust informed  the audience that after a short while all would move to the rooftop, where a new student playground was constructed also with the help of the same benefactors. He announced about a third project, the ceremonial opening of the Kindergarten and Intermediate School library which will take place in coming June. 

In relation to the naming of the auditorium, Mr. Gregoire Kaloust emphasized the importance of the role played by Jean Farajian among the Armenians in Bourj Hammoud, the Armenian Catholic Community, and his great devotion to Mesrobian School. Therefore, the auditorium in his name would be an expression of gratitude and   attempt in immortalizing his name. He went on saying that the great and ‘holy’ work initiated by the previous principals goes on, in trying to transform Mesrobian into a school with international educational and instructional standards.
At the end of his speech, Mr. Kaloust once again thanked the audience for their presence.

Following the opening speech a slideshow under the title “The Benefactors” was shown, directed and written by Mr. Vartan Tashjian.
After the slideshow, the presenter of the day, Ms. Siran Aznavourian invited Mr. Patrick Farajian, son of Jean Farajian and representative of “R. Boghosian and Sons” Fund in Lebanon, to pass on his word.

Mr. Patrick began his speech with words of gratitude for the attention shown towards his father. He continued by saying that he feels proud for cooperating with the United Armenian Fund, once again thanking Harout Sasounian for the great support and assistance brought to the Lebanese schools. He saluted the presence of Boghosian family by addressing them as people who help Armenians from Armenian to Lebanon.

Reflecting upon the name of the auditorium, Mr. Patrick said that his father would have been very happy if he were to be alive and  present during the ceremony, taking into consideration that he was mainly dedicated to students, he was an idealist in pursuing goals and a realist in understanding every situation. He added that his father was the representative of a generation that suffered the consequences of the genocide but always remained faithful to his identity and devoted himself to his community. Mr. Patrick said that his father would always repeat that the two summits of Ararat would always pull Armenians towards them even on the occupied lands.

Afterwards, Sarin Aznavourian invited Sir Harout Sasounian, who in his turn told the audience that it was an exception that the name of the fund be put on the constructed hall and that he feels proud that it is in the name of Boghosian. Sasounian emphasized on the importance of uniting all powers because he said that students always deserve the best.

Then, Sir Harout Sasounian indicated the great help brought by Mr. Gregoire Kaloust, and because of his continuous efforts the United Armenian Fund was able to aid the Lebanese Armenian schools. Mr. Sasounian ended his words by saying that he and his colleagues feel content and happy by helping the new generation, for today’s children will continue the work that they have started.

At the end of the ceremony, His Excellency Msgr. Vartan Ashkarian was invited to address the closing speech to the audience, who wanted to thank Mr. Jean Boghosian and his family from the heart for their support all through the years. Msgr. Ashkarian said that there are more than 50 needy students that are taken care of from their school years till they graduate from universities. He thanked their parents for giving great benefactors and although they don’t speak Armenian Msgr. Ashkarian considered them true Armenians.

At the end of the ceremony, the audience was directed to the school’s rooftop where the newly constructed playground was where the guests were received officially. 










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